Basic Gundog training

This is a program for any flushing or retrieving dog (or versatile pointing breed dog that needs to retrieve.)  Our basic program will produce a dog that has the foundation hunting skills to be an asset in the duck blind or the upland fields and woods.  After your dog is done with this basic program your dog will be ready to be an everyday hunter and will be a better member of your family.


Basic obedience (sit, stay, here, and heel)
Live and dead bird work
Gun work
Force Fetch in order to ensure delivery to hand of game
Collar Conditioning to teach the dog to properly respond to ecollar stimulation
Whistle commands (sit and here)
Working in and around various hunting equipment and situations
Tracking and trailing game
Basic steadiness (leaving for the retrieve by calling the dogs name)
Marked retrieves 

This is a 3 month program $600 per month plus birds.  Dogs must be a least 5 months old and be up to date on shots. 

Advanced Gundog Training


Diversion training (continuing on the 1st retrieve as a 2nd bird falls)
Advanced quartering
Sit to flush


Advanced Marking
Multiple marking
Three handed casting
Blind retrieves
Honoring other dogs retrieve

These are multiple month programs depending on the skills desired.  All dogs must go through the basic program and be current on shots.  $600 per month plus birds.

Hunt Test Training

Hunt Test training starts with the basic program and continues into the advanced training program.  Training is based on the skills and tasks that each type of Hunt Test requires to be successful.  $600 per month plus birds and test fees.